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Health Care Reform (From the eyes of a life-long Republican)

I am so grateful for the passage of the health care reform bill. Now my employees will actually have access to adequate health care. As a small business owner, I have been unable to afford to provide my people with company health insurance. The insurance premiums added to our other hard operating costs would have pushed us over the edge, with our operating costs being greater than our gross revenue.  No small business can stay in business long with this kind of scenario. And yet, my heart broke for the people entrusted to me. Their health and welfare is my concern.

Someone I love dearly recently received a diagnosis that many insurance companies would drop coverage for and deem this person as “uninsurable.” This is immoral behavior on the part of insurance companies to drop people because of a diagnosis or because they are deemed as “too expensive to cover.” But now I have the assurance that this loved one will continue to be covered and that health care will never be denied, nor will the insurance company be able to boost the premiums to astronomical heights.

I am willing to pay higher taxes to ensure that my employees and my loved ones receive affordable access to health care, and I do NOT apologize to anyone for this.

Even physicians and hospitals agree and have come out in support of this bill. The insurance companies have held the trump card too long. Their time to play fair is over. They had their chance, and now it is out of their hands. The funny thing is, the republicans who so vehemently opposed this bill will be lining up by the thousands to take advantage of the changes that will save them and their childrens’ lives.

I have always thought of myself as a republican with conservative values, but the philosophical values of health care reform far outweighed my party leanings. The right thing to do was to pass this bill, and my country did the right thing. Every civilized nation in the world had some kind of universal health care in place except the United States, and the U.S. has the highest health care costs in the world, and much higher mortality rates! Go figure.

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  1. Corrine Morton-Greiner says:

    I am so grateful to see this article. While I am a democrat, most of my family members are Republicans. I have just been waiting for a reasonable reaction to this issue. It has been so hard to endure partisan politics. I have great respect for those who have different opinions than my own, but know how to express themselves in a gracious manner. This should not have been such a horrible battle in Congress. We have to do the right thing to take care of those who are ill and injured in this nation. Before we can put people back to work, we have to make sure that they are healthy! This is critical. I want to thank you for reaching across the aisle. We might only be citizens and not representatives, but imagine how amazing this country could be again if our representatives could focus on the issues and put aside egos and political party affiliation!

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