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Multiple Sclerosis – Fighting Fatigue

MS fatigue is not just being tired — it is like having the flu without other symptoms. Although MS fatigue is common and frustrating, there are things one can do to fight fatigue and increase energy.

• Most nutrition should be provided through the morning and noontime meals. Many times people with MS are too tired in the evening to eat hearty meals.
• A good rule is to eat plenty of whole foods such as fruits and veggies in their raw state in order to preserve all nutrients and live enzymes. Even better, try juicing those fruits and vegetables to get the maximum nutrients possible.
• Low levels of Vitamin D contribute to fatigue, and many MS sufferers are quite low in Vitamin D. Speak with your doctor before taking any dietary supplement. Take a Vitamin D3 supplement and have your doctor test your blood levels regularly to monitor effectiveness.

• Depression makes fatigue worse. As with any depression, treatment should be a first line of defense.

• Maintaining a regular exercise program will provide optimal energy.
• Stay out of the heat.
• Get plenty of rest between exercise activities.

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