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How To Communicate with a Stroke Survivor

seniorconcernA stroke can cause vision problems, paralysis to one side  of the body, and memory loss. Therefore, communication with a stroke victim is not always easy.  The following techniques can help you to communicate effectively with your loved one.

•    Keep in mind that it may be difficult for your loved one to speak clearly due to effects from the stroke.

•    Accept whatever form of communication works for your loved one, even if it is simply making hand gestures.

•    Educate yourself on your loved one’s condition through information from the doctor, online resources and support groups so that you better understand what he/she may be experiencing.

•    Join a support group, whether that be online or in person, to learn how others have dealt with communication issues.

•    Be a good and patient listener.

•    If communication is an issue, talk more slowly–NOT more loudly.

•    Never “talk down” to your loved one.

•    It is common for stroke survivors to experience strong emotions.   Seek help from  a professional if emotions become too much to handle.

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