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Seniors and Pets

Dog and Cat Reclining on a Blanket I recently read an article about a woman with Alzheimer’s who wandered off and fell into a ravine. She was not found until the next day. This story had a happy ending due to the fact that the woman’s Doberman stayed by her side and would not leave, even when the paramedics came.

Animals offer a great contribution to the health and overall well-being of seniors.

There are many things to consider when choosing an animal for yourself or as a companion for an elderly friend or relative. The Idaho Human Society has an article titled “Selecting the Right Pet.”

The Idaho Human Society also offers reduced adoption fees for seniors.

One way others could get involved is by contributing to programs which help seniors feed their animals such as donating to the local food bank or senior center.

Another way to help seniors is pet therapy. St. Lukes has a pet volunteer program. You must be registered with

But there are other therapy dog programs in the area, for example, Companion Training. Where you are able to train your pet for visiting senior centers, hospitals or nursing homes.

Alternatively, you could train dogs to become service animals and a beneficial companion for all kinds of special needs individuals from diabetics, autistic children, PTSD vets and seniors.


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