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Hoarding — a warning sign that care may be needed series

More than collecting, hoarding hampers everyday life by the excessive collection of unnecessary items. When hoarding becomes an issue, items which are not only unnecessary—but often unusable—are carefully guarded.

Many times, the hoarder is unaware how bad their situation has grown. Remember, it often takes time to amass the items.  They have become used to the living situation gradually.

Hoarding is linked to some of the other signs that care is needed, such as mobility, safety concerns and housekeeping changes.

For instance, the home of a hoarder is difficult to navigate. Their mobility is decreased due to fear of tripping on various items. household cleaner with rubber gloves bucket and sponge..If pests become and issue because of unsanitary conditions, breathing difficulties or disease may become a factor. For the hoarder, a relatively simple chore like straightening or maintaining personal hygiene is hampered.

Here are some sensitive solutions to help with hoarding.

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