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The Benefits of Home Care

Man-getting-out-of-bed1-300x300Home care has become increasingly popular as an assisted living option, as more elderly people need assistance. Because of the latest medical breakthroughs, millions of adults are now finding themselves taking care of older relatives and parents. When do you decide to utilize home care versus doing it on your own?

Making the Choice

The reality is that it is hard to find a balance between caring for your senior loved one and taking care of your own needs. Many people find they just don’t have the time to manage their own family and care for their aging parents. If your mom and/or dad wants to stay living at home, then providing outside assistance to help them remain in their home is more beneficial, and the statistics show that they live a longer, happier life than they would in n living facility. One of the greatest benefits of home care services is that it will give you the needed break without taking for granted your love one’s care needs. Consider the following benefits of letting a professional handle the difficult tasks:

  • Time – Honestly, time is the most important factor if you want home health care services. Many people just don’t have the time to juggle a career, their own family and the care needed for their aging loved one.
  • Professional Assistance – Home care aides are trained to handle the situations of an elderly loved one. Since they have the expertise and experience in dealing with emergency situations, a home care aide will be able to respond to an emergency with immediate attention.
  • Patient Support and Medication – Taking medications on time and eating like we are supposed to becomes increasingly more important as we age.  Having an in-home caregiver will make sure that your loved one eats a balanced diet, takes her medications on time, and receives immediate medical care when the need arises.
  • Accessibility – Accidents happen.  A caregiver can make sure your loved one gets to the hospital when they need to.  They can drive them to their doctor’s appointments.  They can be there when they fall down and help them get back on their feet.
  • Round The Clock Care – As your loved one’s condition deteriorates due to age, they will require someone to be there at all times.  This would be impossible to do if you have your own family and a career to worry about.  Home care aides can be there round the clock to help your loved one.  The costs of home care is almost always significantly less expensive than putting them in a facility.  Your aging loved one will also feel more comfortable at home.

These are just some of the benefits of getting home care services. Instead of being pressured and burdened by your responsibilities and caring for your loved one, consider a home health caregiver as a practical alternative to trying to do everything on your own. Here is a resource page to help you determine if Mom or Dad needs outside assistance.


  1. Jeff Madison says:

    I liked your tip how an in home care professional can provide more time with a patient. It seems that this kind of personalized care can help reduce stress caused by time restraints. My mother in law is getting older and she needs more attention than my wife and I can give her, maybe its time to consider hiring an in home professional.

  2. John says:

    It’s good to know that statistics point to a longer, happier life with in home care services. My mother-in-law’s health has been suffering lately, but I don’t want her to despair or feel discouraged. Hiring in home care seems like it would be a great option for her.

  3. My grandpa is gets chemotherapy a couple times a year, and is getting older, so moving around is harder for him. I like that you said with a caregiver, they’re there all time time, so they can bring them to doctors appointments as well as be there for assistance. I’m sure is would take a lot of worry off family members if we knew there was someone to be with him all the time.

  4. You wrote in this article that in home care is great because they are professionally trained in dealing with all kinds of situations, including emergency situations. My grandmother is quite frail and has a variety of different medical issues, and we were wondering if we should hire her help. Having that peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, your loved one has instant care and help would be amazing.

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