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Living with and Caring for Cancer

Chemotherapy questions to ask your doctor

Web Resources:
Click the links below to access resource websites to learn more about living with and caring for cancer.

Cancer Treatment
The National Cancer Institute breaks down the different types of cancer treatment into easy-to-read sections.

US Food and Drug Administration Recent Cancer Information
Keep up-to-date on the latest consumer updates, clinical trials and information on cancer with links from the FDA to find specific information.

Cancer Caregiving offers an assortment of tools to help manage the difficulties a caregiver faces when caring for a loved one with cancer as well as caregiver self care tools.

Pain Management
The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania highlights important information on pain management during cancer treatment.

Cancer Prevention and Control
The US Center for Disease Control works with national cancer organizations, state health agencies, and other key groups to develop, implement, and promote effective strategies for preventing and controlling cancer.

Home Care Guide for Advanced Cancer
The American College of Physicians offers a downloadable booklet for end of life when quality of life is the primary goal. Note that this is a zip file that contains 14 chapters explaining end of life care and hospice, plus specific information on a variety of possible scenarios that a cancer patient may encounter when the disease is progressing to final stages.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hospice
Because hospice care can be a confusing and difficult journey, provides the answers to frequently asked questions about hospice services.




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