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Elder Abuse Awareness and Prevention

Downloadable Tools and Tips:

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Elder Abuse: Types, Signs, Risk Factors, and Prevention provides useful advice for understanding, preventing and resolving elder abuse.

National Center on Elder Abuse Frequently Asked Questions
The Administration of Aging Web site provides these frequently asked questions regarding elder abuse to help people spot warning signs of a possible problem.

Elder Abuse Risk Factors

The Foundation for Health in Aging outlines common risk factors for elder mistreatment and elder abuse.

Preventing Elder Abuse by Family Caregivers
Downloadable PDF guidebook from the National Center on Elder Abuse provides information on identifying and preventing elder abuse within family caregiving situations.

Financial Abuse
The National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse informs on the broad spectrum of conduct apparent in elder financial abuse cases.

Elder Psychological Abuse

Aging Well Magazine offers insight on the affects of elder psychological abuse in this article, “Devious Damage: Elder Psychological Abuse.”

Elder Abuse Among Alzheimer’s Patients
The Alzheimer’s Association provides tips and information for protecting those with dementia or Alzheimer’s from elder abuse.

Power of Attorney Abuse

The AARP Web site offers a detailed research report entitled “Power of Attorney Abuse: What States Can Do About It,” exploring the current problem of power of attorney abuse and how state legislatures can protect vulnerable adults against it.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2009
The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse provides information on celebrating World Elder Abuse Awareness Day across the planet.

The Elder Justice Coalition
The Elder Justice Coalition is a national advocacy voice supporting elder justice in America. Their Web site provides a gamut of information in the organization’s attempt to raise public awareness of the tragedy of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation at the local, state and national levels.

One comment

  1. Ricky says:

    Ignorant attorney blames abuse against autistic man on autism itself. Wow. Just amazing. So now it’s the autistic person’s fault for being autistic. And any caregiver that abuses the severely autistic person must be under so much stress that these poor abusive caregivers need counseling and support.

    Here’s response one person had to this disgusting attorney’s ignorance about autism.

    “It’s interesting that in the video clips shown of these abusive caregivers, in no clip is the autistic young man exhibiting behaviors that would give a caregiver an excuse to abuse the young man. In fact, upon careful analysis, which apparently you haven’t done, you see these caregivers are bothered by the autistic young man’s getting up and needing to be walked, comforted or cared for. Instead of comforting or caring for the young man, viewers see in these clips that the caregivers are busy texting on their phones, sitting and closing their eyes as if trying to sleep or watching a movie on their lap top. Good try Mr. Spital, in attempting to downplay and minimize the horrific abuse against severely autistic people in our community. But we aren’t buying it.”

    What’s next? Another ignorant attorney will write it’s okay to kill or abuse an elderly woman with Dementia because the poor little stressed out caregivers needed more training? What a dangerous message to send public. There is NO excuse for abusing elderly or disabled people who are especially vulnerable. If the health care worker can’t handle it, then get into another profession. Don’t show up masquerading as a caregiver and collect your check. If it’s too much, then quit. The reality is abusive caregivers don’t quit because they want the money and they often get off in controlling, bullying and abusing these vulnerable autistic or elderly people. How dare people blame the victim’s condition for the abuse by the caregivers. Just sickening.

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