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Struggling to keep finances in order—a warning sign that care may be needed series

Finances are tricky, for one thing, most people keep them very private. Our recent newsletter mentioned Why You Should Share Online Passwords.  But for the most part, you may not discover that an elder is having difficulty with finances without a few pointed questions.

Ask yourself: Do they express fear or uncertainty about ability to provide food and shelter? Elderly lady typing on laptop. Shallow DOF.

The Washington Post suggests that you get the whole picture first. WikiHow has a few other tips to cope when family members are having financial difficulty. Read More

Independent Caregiver Costs — Guest Post

I’d like to welcome Broward Senior Care to my blog today:

Hiring an Independent Caregiver Can be More Costly Than You Think

Daily routines can often be overwhelming for seniors and their families. Despite the best of intentions, it may be particularly difficult when friends and family are called upon to provide shopping assistance, transportation, cooking, housekeeping and other chores for their elderly loved ones. It can quickly become apparent that outside help is needed.

Out of desperation you may begin to ask yourself, “what about my neighbor, Julie. I think she did this before. Maybe she’d help out.” In hopes of saving a few dollars, you may hire Julie independently, without the assistance of a registered or licensed agency. Though this may cost less at first, it may prove more emotionally, physically and financially costly in the long-run. Read More

Financial Elder Abuse: Recognition and Prevention

154435_199045503546847_441023954_n-300x168Unfortunately, seniors are often the target of financial exploitation, and even more unfortunately, it is often family members who are doing the exploiting. Just this morning, my office received a call from one of our caregivers expressing concern about one of our clients. In this case, extended family members may be stealing funds from the senior who is suffering from dementia. I cannot begin to explain how angry this makes me when I hear about seniors being abused by their own family! Of course, our office is reporting this to our local Area Agency on Aging, and an investigation will be conducted. But since this is something that I see happening over and over again, I just want to remind you what to look for if you feel your loved one is being exploited. Read More

Helping Parents Plan for Long-term Care

Elder care can be a difficult topic to discuss with aging parents, but it is important for adult children to know and understand their parents’ needs and wishes when it comes to their long-term care. When talking to your parents about their long-term care plans, there are some important questions you need to ask. Read More

Early Warning Signs: A Senior May Need Help

I have been in the home care business long enough now to see the dangers that are so common to seniors. I would like to share with you some things to look for in your loved one’s life, and more importantly, how you can help.

In many peoples’ lives there comes a time when they can no longer maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle without the assistance of outside help. And more often than not, the real issue is about the loss of independence. For seniors, believing they might lose control over some of their independence if they accept outside help is a scary proposition. This is when a loved one needs to intervene with tact and help steer the senior toward a path of accepting help that can not only provide safety, but foster independence at home as well. Read More

Reverse Mortgages – Avoid If At All Possible

I am not a fan of reverse mortgages, and I rarely if ever suggest them as a resource to seniors. I feel strongly that this should be used only as a last resort.

The lending industry sees reverse mortgages as a bright spot in an otherwise dismal market. It taps a segment of net worth that so often never gets touched. Recently the Federal Housing Administration increased the national ceiling on the equity seniors could withdraw to $625,000. Thus, even in today’s hard-hit housing environment, seniors in higher-priced homes are now eligible and are very attractive customers to lenders. Read More