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Healthy Sleep Tips

According to, it is untrue that seniors need less sleep than younger adults. Even though getting to sleep and staying asleep becomes more difficult as we grow older, adults of all ages need between seven and a half and nine hours of sleep per night. In the elderly, this rest is vital for everything from improving concentration and memory to preventing disease.

Whether you are a caregiver or trying to encourage a loved one to get more sleep, there are several ways to set the stage for a good night’s rest. Read More

Battling the Blues in the Visually Impaired – Simple Steps for Enhancing Independence

Reading a book, watching television, writing a letter, preparing a meal…these seemingly simple activities can present major challenges on a daily basis for those suffering from low or reduced vision. Additionally, statistics for the frail elderly who are also visually impaired report an increased risk of depression. Unfortunately, one disturbing trend noted in recent years has been a tendency in our society to overlook or neglect the vision correction needs of elderly citizens. Read More