alzheimer's care


  1. Senior CareWhat is non-medical care?
    Our caregivers assist with the activities of daily living including personal care, things that do not require medical treatment. Some examples are, walking, bathing, dressing, and shopping. A person’s ability/inability to satisfy these needs is the determining factor whether or not we should provide service to them.
  2. What is personal care?
    Personal care is hands-on care that is a higher level of care provided for anyone who requires assistance with medications, bathing, transfer assists and toileting. Our skilled caregivers are trained to provide hands-on care. We can help stroke victims, clients who are in wheel chairs, paraplegics and quadraplegics.
  3. Can I help in the selection of the assigned caregiver?
    Yes, we encourage the client and family to meet with the caregiver along with the Supervisor of Direct Care Services to ask any questions or state any concerns. We desire your satisfaction when caring for your loved ones.
  4. What if I am displeased with the assigned caregiver?
    We do our best to match the caregivers with the client’s personality. If for some reason the client or family member requests a change, we will work as quickly as possible to assign a new caregiver.
  5. Will the caregiver be able to administer medication?
    Our unskilled caregivers are not allowed to distribute or administer medicine, but we can provide reminders or pick up prescriptions if necessary. If the client requires medication be administered, a skilled and certified caregiver would be assigned to the client and supervised by our staff R.N.
  6. Can I request a caregiver for only a few hours a week?
    Yes, our services are available for as little as one hour per day to 24 hours 7 days a week.
  7. Can I change my care needs after I sign a service contract?
    We understand that circumstances can change as our services are provided. We offer flexibility if you need to receive more or less care.
  8. Does insurance cover this type of care?
    There are some long-term care insurance policies that do cover non-medical home care services. We will do our best to assist you to find out if your policy covers the requested services.