alzheimer's care

Getting Started with a Caregiver

Happy elder receiving skilled nursing careWe understand that the decision to let someone into your home to care for a loved one can be difficult and emotional. You may also come to find that it may be the best decision you can make to insure you or your loved one’s health and safety. Assisting Angels is here to help you.

Step 1 : The In-Home Assessment

Contact us or let us call you. See also: Setting Up Care

We offer a free In-Home Assessment. This will include you, your family, and the Supervisor of Direct Care Services. This initial meeting provides you and us with the opportunity to learn about each other and about the services we provide. We will review and discuss the following topics:
• Observation of client’s condition
• Safety and Cleanliness of home
• Living arrangements for live-in caregiver
• Mental Health history
• Daily routines
• Doctor information
• Medications
• Transportation needs
• Cost of Services

Step 2: Develop Care plan

Our support staff will review the In-Home Assessment and formulate a service plan tailored to meet your needs. This will include instructions for:
• Personal care
• Health care
• Emotional care
• Household care

Step 3 : Select a Caregiver

After you and your family review and approve the Care Plan, Assisting Angels will then carefully match you to the appropriate caregiver. If you prefer, you may also personally interview and help select your caregiver.

Step 4 : Care Plan Follow-up

Our support staff will contact you and your family routinely to discuss both client and caregiver satisfaction. The Supervisor of Direct Care will also visit your home periodically to assess the care and services being provided to determine if there are any changes to be made.

Our client satisfaction with our services being provided is our highest priority. Please contact our Supervisor of Direct Care Services at anytime with comments or concerns.