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Multiple Sclerosis – Fighting Fatigue

MS fatigue is not just being tired — it is like having the flu without other symptoms. Although MS fatigue is common and frustrating, there are things one can do to fight fatigue and increase energy. Read More

Brain Fitness in Four Steps

Several companies offer software programs that increase “brain fitness” as a way for seniors to stay sharp and possibly derail, or at least delay, the risk of dementia. These programs are so mainstream that some insurance companies and AAA support cognitive training for older adults to promote safe driving.

Researchers are unclear whether these activities delay or prevent the possibility of dementia. But results from neuropsychological and neuroscientific research indeed show that brain functionality — especially memory, attention and information-processing skills — is immediately improved with vigorous, regular mental activity of many kinds. Read More

Brain Fitness in Four Steps

Cognitive function refers to perception, memory, imagery creation, thinking and reasoning. The pop term brain fitness was coined because cognitive function can be maintained or improved by exercising the brain through formal and ongoing education, specially designed exercises and other active mental engagement. Read More

Alzheimer’s: When To Take Away The Keys

Driving is a powerful symbol of competence and independence—besides being a routine part of adult life. But the focused concentration and quick reaction time needed for safe driving tend to decline as one ages, and for a person with Alzheimer’s disease, this process accelerates dramatically. Read More