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Seniors and Pets

Dog and Cat Reclining on a Blanket I recently read an article about a woman with Alzheimer’s who wandered off and fell into a ravine. She was not found until the next day. This story had a happy ending due to the fact that the woman’s Doberman stayed by her side and would not leave, even when the paramedics came.

Animals offer a great contribution to the health and overall well-being of seniors. Read More

How To Communicate with a Stroke Survivor

seniorconcernA stroke can cause vision problems, paralysis to one side  of the body, and memory loss. Therefore, communication with a stroke victim is not always easy.  The following techniques can help you to communicate effectively with your loved one. Read More

Financial Elder Abuse: Recognition and Prevention

154435_199045503546847_441023954_n-300x168Unfortunately, seniors are often the target of financial exploitation, and even more unfortunately, it is often family members who are doing the exploiting. Just this morning, my office received a call from one of our caregivers expressing concern about one of our clients. In this case, extended family members may be stealing funds from the senior who is suffering from dementia. I cannot begin to explain how angry this makes me when I hear about seniors being abused by their own family! Of course, our office is reporting this to our local Area Agency on Aging, and an investigation will be conducted. But since this is something that I see happening over and over again, I just want to remind you what to look for if you feel your loved one is being exploited. Read More

Increase Strength, Balance, Flexibility and Endurance

Did you know…

Habit is the single best predictor of inactivity. Often a lifetime of ingrained behavior must be overcome.  Incorporating exercise as part of a previously established routine will make it easier to remember to exercise. Include simple exercises in a daily routine to meet goals!

For a frail person, just working on getting up and down out of a chair unassisted is using muscles that need to be exercised. Focus first on the goals for this person,address any of  his or her concerns, and any barriers that prevent the exercise. Read More

Oral Histories: Don’t Wait Too Long

Oral history is the systematic collection of living people’s testimony about their own experiences. Historians recognize that the everyday memories of everyday people, not just the rich and famous, have historical importance.

Your stories and the stories of the people around you are unique, valuable treasures for your family and your community. You and your family can preserve unwritten family history by collecting and preserving these stories. Read More

Helping a Senior with Alzheimer’s Enjoy the Holidays

The holidays can be especially difficult for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. The constant stream of activities and changes in routine can be upsetting and exacerbate symptoms such as repetitive speech, paranoia and confusion. Here are a few tips and activities to help keep seniors with Alzheimer’s engaged in the holiday fun without becoming overwhelmed. Read More

Reverse Mortgages – Avoid If At All Possible

I am not a fan of reverse mortgages, and I rarely if ever suggest them as a resource to seniors. I feel strongly that this should be used only as a last resort.

The lending industry sees reverse mortgages as a bright spot in an otherwise dismal market. It taps a segment of net worth that so often never gets touched. Recently the Federal Housing Administration increased the national ceiling on the equity seniors could withdraw to $625,000. Thus, even in today’s hard-hit housing environment, seniors in higher-priced homes are now eligible and are very attractive customers to lenders. Read More

Aging in Place and Quality of Life

I am often asked why I began working in the senior care industry. It all began about 30 years ago while attending Bible school. I worked in a nursing home to help pay the bills. It was there that I discovered how much I enjoyed seniors. I was drawn to their wisdom, their stories, and their sense of humor, their dignity, and often their quiet suffering. It was the suffering that really affected me, and that was something I tried to alleviate when I could. Read More