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Spotting the Warning Signs of Depression

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Everyone feels blue now and then. It’s part of life. But if you no longer enjoy activities that you usually like, you may have a more serious problem. Being depressed without letup can change the way you think and feel. This is called “clinical depression.”

Being “down in the dumps” over a period of time is not a normal part of getting older. But it is a common problem, and medical help may be needed. For most people, depression will get better with treatment. “Talk” therapy, medicine, or other treatment methods can ease the pain of depression. You do not need to suffer.

There is a similarity between the symptoms of depression and dementia but the two are completely different.  Sometimes the signs of depression can mask themselves and appear as if it’s dementia. Knowing the signs can help differentiate the two. Read More

6 Ways To Reduce Sundowners Syndrome

148035231Sundown syndrome, also called sundowning or sunsetting or sundowners disease, is a behavior common in people with Alzheimer’s disease. As the day progresses, he/she may begin to become more anxious, confused, agitated or disoriented. This distressing behavior can last a few hours or throughout the night, making life very difficult for the caregiver and the patient. Read More

Sleep – Prescious Sleep!

Sleep hygiene is the practice of “grooming” yourself for sleep every night.

Environment: Make your bedroom safe, dark, cool and comfortable. Turn the clock face away and ban TVs, laptops, and cell phones. If you do get up during the night, don’t turn on any bright lights.

Schedule: Go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time every day. Use very bright lights in the morning. Try not to nap during the day — or take only a 10- to 15-minute nap. Read More